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Oasis Farms is a luxurious residential project at CDA Zone IV Islamabad. It offers vast farmhouses at very reasonable prices.

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Payment Plan
Master Plan
Owners & Developers
Facilities & Amenities
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Oasis Farms: The Essence of Luxury Living

Oasis Farms is the perfect blend of modernity, luxury, and serenity. It is the most distinguished and exclusive project in the real estate industry of Islamabad. It is located primarily at Capital Development Authority (CDA), Zone IV. The location of this project, rightly at the center of Islamabad, offers the most serene environment and the easiest accessibility to reside and invest in. Moreover, its location is also scenic because it provides a captivating view of Margalla Hills and Murree Hills. All these features make it the best choice to build your farmhouse in. 

It is a very state-of-the-art real estate project by Oasis Marketing. The developers aim to build this project as one of a kind. The master plan of this project comprises various farmhouses of multiple sizes available at affordable payment schedules. Furthermore, these farmhouses have been designed according to international development standards and modern infrastructure. Let’s skip forward to the details of this iconic project.


Oasis Farms Islamabad NOC Status

The NOC status of this project is relatively different from other real estate projects. There are two prime reasons for this. Firstly, this project offers a direct registry, and secondly, the Inteqal. Both of these concepts are rare yet very attractive regarding possession and investment.

It is because, according to the Capital Development Authority principles, any real estate project presenting these two features does not require NOC approval. Because through this way, the property can directly be claimed and owned by the buyer. Therefore, it is assured that it is an officially legal residential project, and you can safely invest in it.


Oasis Farms Islamabad Location

Oasis Farms Islamabad’s location is very vibrant and peaceful. It is primarily located in CDA Zone IV. It can also be accessed from the Simly Dam Road, Pind Bhegwal. This location is surrounded by various sites with natural beauty and green landscapes. Major sites and landmarks which are near this are listed below:

  • Bara Kahu
  • Bahria Enclave
  • Park View City 
  • Naval Farms
  • Bani Gala
  • Serena Hotel
  • New City Paradise
  • Bahria Foundation College
  • Botanical Garden

Moreover, its location is also surrounded by Margalla Hills and Murree Hills. Both of these ranges provide an excellent feast to the eyes. The location of these farms at the prime location of Islamabad offers the best place to experience living in luxuriant farmhouses and a serene environment.

oasis farms islamabad location
Payment Plan

Oasis Farms Islamabad Payment Plan

The Oasis Farms payment plan has been planned considering its serene environment and unique locality. Its payment plan offers plots at a down payment of 30%, and the remaining amount is payable in 1.5 years. It covers farmhouses of 2 Kanal, 4 Kanal, and 8 Kanal. Its detailed payment plan is given below:

Plot SizeTotal PriceBooking (10%)Confirmation (10%)Possession (10%)
2 Kanal28,000,0002,800,0002,800,0008,400,000
4 Kanal56,000,0005,600,0005,600,00016,800,000
8 Kanal112,000,00011,200,00011,200,00033,600,000

It is pertinent to mention that this payment plan includes all the development charges. However, as the development progresses, the management is considering revising the Oasis farms’ prices. So it is expected that the prices are subject to change. 

Oasis Farms Islamabad Installment Plan

Moreover, the prices of these farms are also payable in quarterly installments to provide maximum affordability to its customers. Its installment plan is given below:

Plot SizeTotal Price6 Quarterly Installments
2 Kanal28,000,0002,333,333
4 Kanal56,000,0004,666,666
8 Kanal112,000,0009,333,333
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Master Plan

Oasis Farms Master Plan

Oasis Farms Islamabad master plan perfectly depicts excellence and skillfulness. The total area of this project extends up to 300 Kanals with plots for farmhouses only. The master plan of these farms is crafted to build the most well-designed farmhouses in Pakistan. It also addresses the modern era’s demand for eco-friendly and sustainable construction.  

Moreover, it has also been crafted by considering urban development principles. For this purpose, multiple landscaped gardens and recreational resorts have also been included in its master plan. The residential plot sizes offered in this master plan are listed below:

Here are the already announced blocks and residential plot sizes:

  • 2 Kanal
  • 4 Kanal 
  • 8 Kanal
oasis farms master plan
oasis farms islamabad owners - developers
Developers & Owners

Oasis Farms Islamabad Owners and Developers

The Oasis Farms Owners and Developers are Oasis Marketing, Private Limited, and FKB Limited, respectively. Both have a record of designing and developing classic and sustainable projects throughout the country. They are dedicated to delivering modern and genuine residential projects.

Facilities & Amenities

Oasis Farms Facilities & Amenities

This project promises the most attractive and unique facilities. Since its inception, this project has been the center of attention for many reasons. One of those reasons is the availability of unique and world-class living facilities. Some of the distinctive facilities and amenities provided here are listed below:

Security & Surveillance

Security of life and property is one of the most basic needs of any individual. It is also important when choosing a location for a future home. So, the management of Oasis Farms has already ensured 24/7 security and modern surveillance systems for its residents and their properties.

Educational Institutions

The availability of educational institutions and relevant facilities is also very important when choosing a location. The management has provided all the educational facilities within the society so that residents do not have to commute to faraway places of the Capital.

Medical Facilities

This project also ensures the provision of healthcare facilities to the residents. So, there are several medical centers and a hospital located within society. It is made to help you get the best healthcare just next to your home. The medical institutions shall be well-equipped with modern healthcare technologies.

Electricity, gas, and Water Supply

Another important feature of this society is that it offers an ample supply of all the necessities of life. These include electricity, gas, and water. A regular supply of all these facilities is easily available in this classic residential society.

Grand White Mosque

Another distinctive feature of this project is the White Mosque. This mosque has been designed by considering modern aesthetics. The color scheme of this mosque has been chosen and crafted by top-notch architects and designers. Moreover, this mosque is also spacious enough to accommodate many people.

Wellness Club

The developers and designers of this society are well aware of the priorities of modern families. A mindful body and overall wellness are the top demands of the modern era. So, the developers have also included a wellness club to ensure the wellness of its residents. The wellness club is to offer exclusive meditations by skillful instructors and trainers.

Amusement & Food resorts

Another important facility provided in this project is multiple cafes, food resorts, and amusement areas. The management has specified multiple spots to build all these and they have named this as ‘Somewhere’. This feature has already attracted a lot of buyers who want to live in a delightful environment and exceptional amenities.

Outdoor Gym

Healthy life and fitness are the priority of every human being. However, very few places in Pakistan offer citizens a way to get their bodies fit. So, the designers of this project have also included an outdoor gym to help the residents stay fit and healthy. Moreover, the concept of the outdoor gym is very unique and captivating.


How to Book a Plot in Oasis Farms Islamabad?

The Oasis Farms plot booking procedure is very convenient and easy. One can easily book a plot of the desired size by following simple steps. You can also contact Dastak for the best guidelines when booking your plot. Following are the steps to be followed:

  • Download the application form
  • Fill out the form with relevant and accurate details 
  • Attach all the important documents with the form
  • Make a downpayment to the respective bank
  • Apply the management to confirm your plot 

Required Documents

Following are the documents that are required to book your plot here:

  • Copy of National Identity Card (NIC)
  • Copy of next to kin’s Identity Card
  • Passport sizes photographs
  • Bank receipt of downpayment

Copy of CNIC
of Buyer

Passport size

Copy of CNIC
of Next to Kin


For Booking

Oasis Farms Islamabad Booking Form

Plot Choose


Booking Amount

Plot Transfer

Investment Benefits

Benefits of Investment in Oasis Farms Islamabad

Oasis Farms offers the best opportunity to reside and invest in. Apart from luxurious farmhouses, unique facilities, and eco-friendly surroundings, there are several other benefits of investment in this project. Some of the major benefits of investing here are listed below:

High Return On Investment 

The most important reason for investing here is the highest return on investment. The infrastructure and quality of lifestyle offered here are very attractive. Due to this reason, many potential investors are eager to invest or buy a plot here. If you already have a plot here or intend to have it, you can expect a very high return on your investment. Moreover, in the later stages of development, this project shall become a prime location for commercial activities. 

Sustainable Community Living 

Another important reason to invest in this world-class project is sustainability. Sustainable living and development are the top demands of the modern era. So, to fulfill this purpose, you can invest in these beautiful farmhouses. Moreover, the location of this project is at the center of lush green surroundings which offer a peaceful and serene environment to live in.

Valuable asset

Another important reason to invest in this project is the value of these farm’s houses. The value of these farmhouses is increasing rapidly due to many reasons. Owing a farmhouse here is like having a valuable asset that can deliver huge benefits in the long run.

Luxurious Farmhouses

Building luxurious and modern farmhouses is the unique concept introduced by these farms. While investing in this project, you can ensure you have a life in a luxurious farmhouse with fresh and green surroundings. Moreover, its picturesque landscape is a perfect bliss while living in Islamabad.


Oasis Farms Islamabad Development Status

The latest development shows that this project is being developed at the fastest possible pace. The leveling of almost 80% of the land has been completed. The main entrance of this project has also been developed. Moreover, the main boulevard of society is in its final stages of development. It will further ensure feasible accessibility to different parts of the Farm. The development work in several streets is also progressing fast.

Oasis Farms Islamabad Latest News

The Oasis Farms Islamabad latest news shows that the management has launched a pre-launch payment plan for all the plot sizes. Moreover, it is also expected that the balloting and possessions of plots shall be announced very soon.

Oasis Farms Islamabad Pros & Cons

The Pros and Cons of this project are listed below:

  • Luxurious lifestyle
  • World-class amenities
  • Eco-friendly environment
  • Green surroundings
  • Security
  • Recreational facilities


  • Perceived high plot prices


Oasis Farms Islamabad is a very classic and unique residential project in Pakistan. Its breathtaking surroundings and peaceful environment promise a very serene and comfortable life. The master plan and payment plan of this project are also very captivating and affordable, respectively. All these features compel one to invest in this project, earn the best ROI, and live a quality life. Moreover, the world-class facilities and special amenities promised by its management also add substantial value to its significance.  You are suggested to make a timely investment in this project. For guidance about the plot booking procedure, you can contact Dastak. You can also visit Capital Smart City or Blue World City to learn about investment options.

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